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ABC Shark Tank Bios

So after watching countless episodes of one of my Favorite ABC Television shows "Sharktank" I started wondering how to become a "shark" and not just come up with one good idea... So i yahoo'd (yeh i don't google lol) their bio's to see where the sharks got started and what kind of education (if any) they had behind them.. This is what i came up with! Pretty interesting and inspiring.. I seen a small amount of me in these individuals!!

Barbara Corcoran-had 20 jobs before she was 23years old “Don't you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct."    (Hmmmm sounds like my past!)

Kevin O’Leary

-Educational Software Sold his co to mattel for 3.7billion dollars

Lori Greiner

-Prolific Inventor Has created over 350 products First huge success was creating and manufacturing an earring organizer She currently holds over 110 US and international patents. An expert on patenting and a guest speaker for the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Lori is hands-on in all facets of taking a product from concept to creation and to market within months. She has also helped many budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into hit products.A great believer that if you are lucky enough to be successful, you have a responsibility to give back, Lori's most gratifying moments come when she is able to help budding entrepreneurs achieve success. She also believes that what matters most in life is who a person is and what is in their soul. Lori and her company annually donate a substantial amount of their profits to a variety of charities.Lori's success story is a refreshing scenario in today's challenging economy. Her inventions address the everyday needs of a wide-range of people, and her affordable pricing makes her products accessible, allowing her to spread her enthusiasm for problem-solving to millions of consumers

Daymond John

-made and sold tie top hats out of his car in ny then started FUBUDaymond was born in the New York City borough of Brooklyn but spent his childhood in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens during the 1970s. An only child, he grew up in a single-parent household headed by his mother, who was a flight attendant for American Airlines but often held more than one job. His first foray into the apparel market came when he wanted a tie-top hat and was put off by the price. Daymond asked his mother to teach him how to use a sewing machine, and he began making the distinctive tie-top hats in the morning and then selling them on the streets of Queens in the evening hours.

One day in 1992, he and his friend sold $800 worth of hats and realized their ideas had definite potential. They created a distinctive logo and began sewing the FUBU logo on hockey jerseys, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Daymond lured some longtime friends into the business and asked old neighborhood friend, L.L. Cool J., to wear a t-shirt in a photograph for a FUBU promotional campaign in 1993. Daymond and his mother mortgaged the home they collectively owned for the $100,000 in start-up capital. Even more amazingly, she then moved out so the quartet could use the home as a makeshift factory and office space.

FUBU officially emerged in 1994 when Daymond and his partners traveled to an industry trade show in Las Vegas. Buyers liked the distinctively cut, vibrantly colored sportswear, and Daymond and his partners returned to Queens with $300,000 worth of orders. FUBU soon had a contract with the New York City-based department store chain Macy's, and they began expanding their line to include jeans and outerwear. A distribution deal with Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung allowed their designs to be manufactured and delivered on a massive scale.

As CEO and president, Daymond guided FUBU to a staggering $350 million in revenues in 1998, placing it in the same stratosphere as such designer sportswear labels as Donna Karan New York and Tommy Hilfiger. Over the last 16 years, Daymond has evolved into more than a fashion mogul. In 2007 the street-smart businessman penned his first book, Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding & Lifestyle, which was named one of the best business books of 2007 by the Library Journal.

Mark Cuban

-Cuban's first step into the business world occurred at age 12, when he sold garbage bags to pay for a pair of expensive basketball shoes.[6][12] While in school, he held a variety of jobs, including bartender, disco dancing instructor, and party promoter. He paid for college by collecting and selling stamps, and once gained about $1,100 from starting a chain letter.[6]

Rather than attending high school for his senior year, Cuban enrolled as a full time student at the
University of Pittsburgh. After one year at the University of Pittsburgh, he transferred to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and graduated from the Kelley School of Business in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in business administration.[13] He chose Indiana's Kelley School of Business without even visiting the campus because it had the least expensive tuition of all the business schools on the top 10 list.[14] While in school he bought a popular college hangout on Kirkwood Avenue called Motley's Pub. Before that he gave disco lessons at sororities and says he paid for his junior year with a chain letter Wroth 2.5bil

Robert Herjavec -“Don't ever be enamored by what something sells for. It's more important what you get to keep in your pocket."In the early '90s, Robert eked out a living waiting tables at a posh Yorkville restaurant. During the initial stages of the dot com craze, he realized that technology was the ticket to serious money.

By night, he launched BRAK systems, his first technology company, which is now worth a reported $100 million dollars. He sold his company to AT&T in 2000, but that was only the start. Robert then helped negotiate the sale of another technology company to Nokia for $225 million. Instead of retiring with his cash, he now heads The Herjavec Group, a leading IT security and infrastructure integration firm.

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