Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting Started Post 1 !

We all have to "start" somewhere! Sometimes i wonder where my ideas even stem from because on a daily basis i come up with atleast a few (of what i think are Great) Ideas for a business! My husband laughs most of the time and thinks i just procrastinate alot about what i think my calling in life really is, BUT i know someday one of my ideas will PAY off...And if they don't then maybe they can inspire someone else to follow there dreams and make it big at business! Doing something you love will create success with a lil dedication and hardwork.  This is the reason i decided to start this as a seperate blog from my personal blog..I want to share everything i read about and learn about through the week so that i can use this as a resource to come back to if need be on my quest to become the next
Lori Greiner or Mark Cuban =) or maybe even land a spot on SharkTank someday!

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