Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parents Night Out

This is a great idea for a caregiver or babysitter...or even just to make a lil extra cash every other week or once a month. Advertise your PNO atleast a week in advance and charge between $15-$25 per child and if the person has more than one child then charge a smaller fee for the second child. I normally charge $25 for the first child and then $15 for the 2nd.. Offer Activites,Crafts,a Movie and Popcorn or Pizza.. Buy a box of juice boxes and give each child a snack or peice of pizza. Make it s slumber party setting and hold it for 4-5 hrs.. 6-11 or 6-10 is a great time because it gives parents the chance to eat dinner and see a movie locally. You can also offer Moms Day Out for 4-5 hrs during the week and use the same platform for pricing and such. I would make sure you limit space to 4-6 children for safety reasons. Also make sure yu are CPR certified and have all safety precautions like outlet covers in your home for smaller children!

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