Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Product Sourcing

This is just a super small amount of info on product sourcing because i had this saved to my computer.. I will be expanding this section soon and talking more in depth about product sourcing. I will also make available an ebook with a large amount of websites i found through trial and error over the last 3-4 yrs sourcing myown products. I will tell you what i have learned and how i learned the ard way when purchasing some items!

Trading or B2B websites and MY reviews on them

Product sourcing is a vital part of the world’s economy. Its use continues to grow, and an increasing number of businesses cannot compete without it. In fact, it has become so integrated into how business is done that many of those sourcing products are barely aware they are doing it.

However, this does not mean that those sourcing parts of their production do not need to be informed and exercise caution to make sure things are done correctly and in the most efficient manner possible. Things still can and often do go wrong. Countries like China and India obviously have very different cultures, and other factors such as unfamiliar legal systems can also cause unwanted surprises.

For these reasons, a sourcing strategy is always advisable. Ideas to include strategic sourcing require planning and constant refinement to ensure they are working as they should and in the most efficient way possible. By researching and implementing a sourcing strategy, every business can increase their productivity and efficiency.

- closeouts, overstock, customer return merchandise, surplus and liquidation merchandise you can request a catalog..alot of namebrand mixed items such as dkny shirts and nike kids apparel at around $2.95-$4.95 each but yu have to buy them by the pallet or moq so you may be spending alot up front

-They actualy have a section on the left to click on that says ebay items to sell.. and a phone number where you can call and find out the better deals also..Their claim to fame says “

Liquidation Closeouts is the leading supplier and wholesaler of things to sell on eBay.” they have a drop down menu for searching but again you must buy by the pellets and have room in your home for these items..you are probably looking at spending about $2500 at the least for these items and doing alot of work selling them for profit...but profits can end up being double or triple what you paid..

www.closeoutplace.com -
One of my fav’s because they have a catalof of NFL closeouts for dirt cheap but you have to order atleast $300 (?) and they go very fast...also someone already has first dibs on the steelers items!

www.mannequinmode.com teen mannequin mode $140 $30 for a head for use on advertising your clothing on ebay ect.

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