Monday, December 10, 2012

Creating Playdoh Jewelry

Great for Kids or a different idea to sell jewelry!

I was playing playdoh with my lil girl and thought of this!

Doh Jewelry!

  • 1
    These balls need to be smoother before they can be used as beads.

    Roll small pieces of Play-Doh into balls. These balls can be of different sizes, and you can even make some ovals, oblong shapes or cubes and rectangles if you wish.
  • 2
    Sprinkle the glitter on the flat plate. Spread it out so that it forms a thin layer over much of the plate.
  • 3
    Roll the small balls in the glitter to make them sparkle. These are your beads. You can coat them heavily with glitter or go light for a more subtle shine.
  • 4
    Thread the fishing line through the large plastic needle. It should not need a knot in either end, since you will be tying the ends together later.
  • 5
    String the beads onto the fishing line. You will poke holes in the beads with the needle as you thread them. Push them down the fishing line so that there is room for many beads. Long strings will be necklaces, while shorter ones will be bracelets.
  • 6
    Shake up a small amount of child's craft glue in the spray bottle of water. This will create a glaze for the jewelry, so that the glitter does not all fall off when the beads dry.
  • 7
    Mist the beaded strings with the glue/water mix. Make sure you coat all sides.
  • 8
    Microwave your Play-Doh jewelry for five minutes. You may detect a funny smell; that's the dough baking. Once the Play-Doh is completely baked, you will have permanent jewelry that will not revert to Play-Doh if it gets wet.
  • 9
    Touch-test the Play-Doh by pressing very gently on a large bead. If it is still squishy, then microwave it for another two minutes and then test again. It it is rock solid, your new jewelry is ready to wear.

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