Friday, December 14, 2012

My New Year Promise

      I vow to blog with my big ideas atleast 3-5 times a week with ideas/crafts for the creative business-minded fellow moms like myself or just people with big ideas like me! Everyday i wake up and start my daily routine-Taking my oldest daughter to school (i call her dotty) and then coming home with 20 min before i get my youngest child up/bathed and to school.....Then i have about 2.5 hrs to get done mommy stuff before i pick her up and then the day really starts! That is when the fun starts. Maddyn (my 4 yr old) always wants to do a "craft" when she gets home. I never run out of ideas! I will start posting all of my crafty ideas with photos and instructions to this blog so please subscribe so you don't miss out. If you have any ideas that you would like to add please feel free to let me know and i will link your site to mine! Today we are doing Cinnamon Tree Ornaments. I will post later today on the how to make these wonderful smelling gifts!!

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