Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Private Charter Jet Business/Jobs

So i was watching Ready for Love Reality show and this girl said her job was working for a Private Charter Jet Business...And it looked like she was really happy and had everything she could ever want! So Im like hey i'm gonna look this business up and see what it takes to work for one of these companies. I was SHOCKED at the money in this type of business... These people pay hourly for private jets and the rates start at $1500/hr! Kraziness! I can only imagine... if you have $1500 to spend on just a 1 hr of a flight then you have money to spend on anything...including a concierge...Here is where I come in with my idea! How to become a concierge for a private jet charter company?? Sounds good right! Im sure they have these as an option but i would pitch myself to some of these companies and see what i could make to book someones hotel...get them limos to their events or set up private dinners etc... i mean i would only charge $1000 an hr for this service lol But seriously can you imagine the money in this kind of business...just catering to rich people....I think im on to something here! We'll have to wait and see....just another one of me and my big ideas!

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