Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homemade Bee Trap with 2 Liter Bottle

atla021908-wasp06.jpgUh oh, looks like a small nest of wasps have taken roost near our place. The warmer weather and reappearance of sweet snacks attract wasps and we've been the victim of their painful harassment before. So we decided today to make a simple DIY wasp trap out of an empty 2 liter bottle..atla021908-wasp02.jpg.Here's all you'll need: 2 liter soda plastic soda bottle, an X-acto or utility blade, stapler and a cutting board. Additionally, you'll need a little honey or sugar water bait.
Carefully cut the bottle near the top where the curvature of the bottle just starts straightening out to the top center as shown above. Funny enough, cutting the bottle was a breeze, but cleaning off the label adhesive was the longest task of this project (place bottle under warm water while peeling if you prefer a clear view like we do).atla021908-wasp04.jpg
Invert and insert this top part inside as shown above. We recommend stapling the two pieces to secure

Wasps go in, attracted by the scent of honey or sugar water, but have a hard time getting out. Some people like to create a pool of water for the wasps to drown in, but we don't necessarily like promoting killing anything, so we plan just to carefully empty daily

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