Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Make Your Own Tattoo (Temporary)

Imagine the design you want, before you begin to design the tattoo. Before you begin, figure out what design you want. The tattoo will stay on your skin for a few days, so be sure your design is one you really want. Browse "tattoo designs" in your favorite images search engine and you'll probably get a ton of new ideas.

Use a gel pen in a dark color to draw the design. The free-flowing ink in gel pens will transfer readily from the paper to your skin once the design is in place. Simply draw your design on paper such as tracing paper or parchment paper using a pencil, then color in thoroughly using the gel pen. Use as much ink on one line as you can, but there is no need to make a river of ink!

Figure out where you want the tattoo. Try to make it somewhere you can easily apply it to yourself. If it isn't an accessible spot, you'll need a friend to help apply it

Wet a piece of cloth with warm water.

Place the paper with your design on it in the exact spot where you want your tattoo to be. Press the wet cloth firmly on the tattoo design for approximately 30 seconds.

Slowly and gently peel up a corner of the paper to see if it is completely transferred to your skin. If not, you'll need to leave the cloth on the design for a few more seconds, then peek again.

Once it is done, remove the rag and peel off the paper. Let the design air dry as much as possible, taking care not to brush it against clothing or other parts of your body.

Rock that new tattoo! It won't last long but it will look good long enough for going to a party or to accompany your outfit for a day or so. Note: Once water is applied, the design will start to wear off quickly).

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