Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to escape a vehicle under water

Just read an article about a couple of friend who died in a submerged mini van and it freaked me out... so I looked into how to escape a vehicle in water incase it did ever happen!


How to escape a submerged vehicle

WASHINGTON - Survival experts say extreme luck allowed a young woman to escape when her car plunged off the Bay Bridge last week. In an interview with NBC 4, Morgan Lake says she didn't want to drown and was able to swim out the window and then to the surface of the water last Friday night. So what would you do if your car was suddenly in the water, sinking? Experts say to stay calm and help any children escape the vehicle first. If the vehicle is still partially above water, open a window to escape. But if the vehicle is completely submerged, experts say the best option is to wait until the vehicle almost completely fills with water. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the doors and windows won't open until the pressure inside the car matches the pressure outside the car. AAA also says passengers should move to the rear of the car because the air pocket will be larger there while you wait for the water to rise. Ken Burton with Stark Survival says drivers should keep a hand planted on the steering wheel and keep their seatbelt on to fight off disorientation in the dim light and murky water. "Once its filled up, then you're good to go through that window," Burton says. "Wait until the water gets up about your chin. Take several deep breaths and hold it." Then release the seatbelt, use your arms to pull yourself out of the car. Try not to kick to avoid becoming tangled in seatbelts or other floating objects. AAA recommends pushing off the car to help speed your route to the surface, as Lake did. In deep water, swim with the current. If you can't swim, try to float. Other tips from AAA:
  • Remove heavy clothing before attempting to swim to safety.
  • Keep a tool in the car such as a screwdriver to help break a window.
  • Unbuckle children or remove them from their car seats. Free older children first.
  • If side windows are blocked, try to break the front or rear windshield.
  • Most vehicles will float for several minutes before they start to sink.
  • Power windows will continue to work for as long 10 minutes
Fewer than .5 percent of all vehicle crashes involve a car submerged under water. But almost 10 percent of all drowning deaths in the United States can be attributed to being submerged in a car, according to AAA.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free 2L Pop Bottle Labels

Check out the link below for free PDF Labels


Spooky Halloween Cake

  I found this really festive looking Halloween Cake...and I always do parties for my kids so I decided to add it on here so I wouldn't forget how to make it! Super Cool =) 

Rainbow Clown Cake-Halloween VersionLINK TO IT HERE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Swimming Pool Noodle Candy....Genius. Wrap one up for each kid at the party! Fun favor at a pool partySwimming Pool Noodle Candy....Genius. Wrap one up for each kid at the party! Fun favor at a pool party

Fun Kids Drinks

Great Party Idea

Did this for a kiddo sleepover & it was a HIT!!  Freeze different Kool Aid flavors in ice cube trays, place in glass and pour in Sprite!  Tastes yummy too!Freeze different Kool Aid flavors in ice cube trays, place in glass and pour in Sprite! Tastes yummy too!

Goldfish Soap Ring Toss Party Game

I thought this was genius!!

goldfish soap at the goldfish toss {i made the soap out of glycerine, scented oil, and plastic goldfish, and small plastic bags!}. i tied little tags on {also made in photoshop} with cute circus ribbon.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Candyland Birthday Ideas

Candy Buffet: Candy Land

Rainbow Birthday
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Cute centerpiece idea for any age -- tie balloons on top--fill with any candy.
Guess the gumballs Game

Face painting station, love it...I actually did this at my son's 1st bday party years ago.  It was a hit!cute idea for an easy game
Game and Face Paiting Ideas

art party candy display
đź’šlollipop bouquets nestled in little painted pots--perfect party favors!

Lollipop Sweets Party Water Bottles #lollipop #waterbottlesCandy Land birthday partyGiant hanging candies for Candy Land theme party....make each one out of a rubber ball and each kid gets to take one home


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Secret Sauce of Success

Gravitas. Sixty-seven percent of senior executives surveyed said the most important single trait is “gravitas.” Gravitas includes qualities such as confidence, decisiveness, integrity, emotional intelligence, great reputation and always projecting a vision.
More than 75 percent of executives surveyed said confidence and grace under fire contribute to executive presence. About 70 percent said acting decisively and "showing teeth" contributed to executive presence.
Communication. Twenty-eight percent of senior executives said communication is the second characteristic that contributes to Executive Presence. Great speaking skills and the ability to command a room are qualities most people in leadership roles have.
But communication isn't just about speaking. More than 30 percent of executives said the ability to read an audience contributes to executive presence.
Appearance. Although one might think appearance is just superficial and that hard work speaks for itself, that’s not true, according to senior executives surveyed. Appearance came in as the third most important trait.

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