Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Secret Sauce of Success

Gravitas. Sixty-seven percent of senior executives surveyed said the most important single trait is “gravitas.” Gravitas includes qualities such as confidence, decisiveness, integrity, emotional intelligence, great reputation and always projecting a vision.
More than 75 percent of executives surveyed said confidence and grace under fire contribute to executive presence. About 70 percent said acting decisively and "showing teeth" contributed to executive presence.
Communication. Twenty-eight percent of senior executives said communication is the second characteristic that contributes to Executive Presence. Great speaking skills and the ability to command a room are qualities most people in leadership roles have.
But communication isn't just about speaking. More than 30 percent of executives said the ability to read an audience contributes to executive presence.
Appearance. Although one might think appearance is just superficial and that hard work speaks for itself, that’s not true, according to senior executives surveyed. Appearance came in as the third most important trait.

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