Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Playroom

Ok so I have been sooooo totally stressed out over Maddyns playroom over the past week. I feel like I am cleaning up toys every minute I go in there. I actually really HATE the room and everything about it. She has way too many toys she doesn't play with and I love to KEEP everything incase she decides to play with it so this is what has inspired me to do a ROOM MAKEOVER! SInce she is getting older and we have always wanted a movie room too I think I am going to do a combination Playroom/Movie Room! I am sooooo super excited about this I had to post it cuz I need motivation. I have already started scouring the interet over ideas but I wanna put my own twist on it. I really like a Black/White theme so I am going to try to incorporate that into the mix! Walmart has the open bookshelves I am looking for only $39.99! And I'm trying to find a cheap wooden table for Maddyn that I can paint black. I would LOVE to redo the floors and paint the walls 2 different colors. My goal is to have this done by Halloween! I am going to do my best to post my before and after pics. My budget for this room is $300. Hope I can make it happen!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Halloween Fonts

Ya'll know how much I love decorating..and holidays. Halloween is coming up and this yr is gonna be even bigger and better than last year. Plus my Kindergartener is going to have her very first No so spooky Halloween Party. I can't wait! Here ar elinks to my pinterest where you can find cool ideas and free font downloads for Halloween. If you have any problems opening these contact me at for help. Thanks-Brookie   FONTS

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