Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glow Bath Water for kids

This idea is SUPER cool and unique. Can't wait t try it for my daughter. PLEASE make sure to use NON TOXIC highlighters with this idea.  Making glow water is simple!  All you need are non-toxic yellow highlighters and water. You can find 2-packs of jumbo highlighters at Target for under $1.00.  Pop the back off of the marker and pull out the ink soaked felt that is inside.  Then run the felt under a small stream of water with a bowl underneath to catch it.  I used roughly 6 cups of water per highlighter, and ended up with insanely bright glow water.  It could definitely be diluted further, but I wanted it to GLOW!  
- See more at: two yellow highlighters to make this bath.  However, the water could have been diluted a lot more, and still would have glowed.    I held the highlighter sponge directly under the running bath water.  .  If the label does not specifically say non-toxic, I would not use them.

If using highlighter water in the bath makes you uncomfortable you can also substitute tonic water to give you a COOL BLUE glow.  Tonic is 100% edible, safe for kids, and even meant for ingestion.  One two liter will give you insanely bright water

All you need to make glowing bath paint is shaving cream and fluorescent or glow in the dark paint - See more at:

glowing bath water Outer Space bath

Make your own Shower Curtain

Great idea for a kids bathroom. Buy a cheap plain white shower curtain...Dollar tree carries them for a dollar in my neck of the woods! Use finger paints,paint brushes,puffy paint... Let the kids design their own theme. You can always use it for a short while and change it up when you want because it is so inexpensive!


This is such a fun craft to do with your kids! The doodle paint is made with ingredients that most of you already have in your cabinets…so what can be better than that?! The paint is super easy to make and my kids absolutely LOVED doodling with it! The paint dries with a glittery sheen and has a puffy, raised texture to it.
Here’s a list of everything you’ll need on hand to create this fun doodle paint:
- Squeeze bottles for the paint: I used 6oz. bottle from Wilton (you can get these in the chocolate making section of any craft store…I found mine at Jo Ann Fabrics they were about $2 for 2 bottles)
- Flour
- Salt
- Water
- Coloring: You can use tempera paint (wet or dry), food coloring or natural coloring agents such as beet juice, raspberry or blueberry juice reduction, etc. For mine, I used Wilton’s gel food coloring because they already come in almost any color imaginable (plus I already had them in my cabinets and I loved the concept of keeping everything non-toxic – or edible – too! You just never know…kids are crazy)!
- Glass/Plastic bowls
- Spoons/Whisks
- Funnel: optional…but it helps with getting the paints into the squeeze bottles

Here are the simple instructions:
Follow these instruction for each paint color you’d like to create!
In a bowl, mix equal parts: Flour, Water & Salt. I used 1/2 cup of each and it worked really well for the squeeze bottles I had. Mix this really well with a spoon or whisk…no clumps. You can add more or less water depending on the consistency of paint you’d like, but it seemed that an equal (or just barely less) amount of water worked the best. Once that mixture is blended well, add a smidgen of coloring…and by smidgen …I mean smidgen! The more coloring you add, the more vibrant your paints will be. Get creative here…you can create a light pink and a dark pink paint by using the same coloring…just add more or less of the color depending on the shades you want to create! You can even blend colors together to create unique colors or other colors you may not have on hand – this might require Kindergarten art theory 101 (red+blue=purple), but you can handle it! Once the paint is blended with the coloring, use your funnel to pour each paint color into it’s own squeeze bottle. The paint is then ready to be put into the hands of your little Picassos. I love the fact that this paint is non-toxic and it can be made at the drop of a hat on a rainy day!
Word to the wise…this paint works best if you use a thicker paper (or even posterboard) to doodle on – because of it’s water base, it might soak the paper if it’s in the hands of a wiley toddler!
Print these labels for your bottles!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot Lemon and Honey Water

Wow I just tried this today and it is AMAZING tasting...and Great for your health and ridding toxins.. My mom kept bugging me to buy a lemon and try this for our ongoing allergies and sickness and i'll let ya know if it works.. Its all natural and easy to make.

Try it instead of a cup of tea or add to your tea..

thoroughly WASH your lemon and cut a couple slices off...
Boil or Microwave tea for a few minutes and THEN place the slices in the cup
Let sit for 4 or 5 minutes to infuse the water...REMOVE slices
Sweeten with a teaspoon of honey..or sugar. I used HONEY and it tastes awesome!!

Hope it makes me feel better if not it tastes like hot lemonade!


Some foods that people include in their diets contain toxins. Toxins are just as the word indicates, an array of chemicals, metals, or pesticides in food. When these foods are ingested, the body attempts to fight the invaders by manufacturing antibodies. These toxins keep a body working overtime and, ultimately, expose it to illness. An additional negative side effect to the ingestion of toxins is that fat burns slower in an effort to dilute the toxins.
Hot water with lemon aids in flushing away harmful toxins. As a result of the reduced level of toxicity, a person's skin can clear and appear healthier, problems with acne are reduced and the body can more efficiently burn excess fat. These are a few of the visual signs of toxic cleansing, but the most critical benefits are the ones not seen. The reduction of free radicals inside the body can make all the difference in a person's future health.

Warm water and lemon is also said to help with nausea, constipation, parasites, and other digestive issues. It aids in the digestion of food by stimulating the liver to increase its bile production, which prevents decomposing food from sitting too long in a person's body.

Lemon itself is a diuretic, which is a chemical that increases the rate of urination. As a result, lemons help with urinary tract infections and are also believed to aid in the dissolution of gallstones.
With all of the health benefits that water and lemon aid in, don't discount the fact that lemons also contain a great deal of vitamin C, which is well known for its ability to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. With a strong immune system, a person's body can more efficiently battle invading viruses.

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