Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glow Bath Water for kids

This idea is SUPER cool and unique. Can't wait t try it for my daughter. PLEASE make sure to use NON TOXIC highlighters with this idea.  Making glow water is simple!  All you need are non-toxic yellow highlighters and water. You can find 2-packs of jumbo highlighters at Target for under $1.00.  Pop the back off of the marker and pull out the ink soaked felt that is inside.  Then run the felt under a small stream of water with a bowl underneath to catch it.  I used roughly 6 cups of water per highlighter, and ended up with insanely bright glow water.  It could definitely be diluted further, but I wanted it to GLOW!  
- See more at: two yellow highlighters to make this bath.  However, the water could have been diluted a lot more, and still would have glowed.    I held the highlighter sponge directly under the running bath water.  .  If the label does not specifically say non-toxic, I would not use them.

If using highlighter water in the bath makes you uncomfortable you can also substitute tonic water to give you a COOL BLUE glow.  Tonic is 100% edible, safe for kids, and even meant for ingestion.  One two liter will give you insanely bright water

All you need to make glowing bath paint is shaving cream and fluorescent or glow in the dark paint - See more at:

glowing bath water Outer Space bath

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