Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gift Ideas for Husband Anniversary

I love being creative and coming up with new and different ideas for my husband for our anniversary. We have been together 14 years so coming up with new ideas is kind of a small challenge. This year we decided to just do a small beach trip with the kids to Amelia Island,but I still wanted to make something special for my husband. I came up with an inexpensive lottery gift basket.
       I bought $14 worth of scratch tickets (diff quantities like a $1 $2 $5 tickets) to add up to the number of years we were together. I also got a pick 3 ticket for 50cents which was our anniversary date 6-10 June 10th...
I also bought a payday candybar for $1 and an 8 pk of mini 100grand candybars for $1 at Dollar General. I had the heart gift basket at home. I taped the tickets to my kids krazy straws and stuck in the baskets at different heights to make it "pop"... I bought a mini $1 helium I love you ballon...printed a couple pics of us through the years off and included on the balloon and around the basket. I made an "I hit the jackpot when I met you" sign out of foam paper and puffy paint. You can easily print off a sign at home or make one out of regular paper/art paper and markers. You can also say "I hit the lottery when I met you" or "I got LUCKY when I married you"... whatever you prefer!
I had some casino chips I placed for esthetics and I found a 6 of hearts and added our wedding date to the card 6-10-2000...

I spent total $18 on this gift ..... he won $2 lol but we are in a second chance drawing through the Margaritaville ticket for some awesome prizes! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I hit the Jackpot when I met you Anniversary Basket

creative touch to the playing card with your anniversary date

lottery ticket using your anniversary date in my case June 10th 610 boxed

read above at my post for different variations of what you can write

Me and husband =)
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