Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving DIY table cover for kids

Turkey day with my beautiful family! Isn't the tablecloth cover amazing!! Found it at Walmart for $1.97!! The kids (and kids at heart) can color and play crossword puzzles on it whole waiting on dinner or during dinner! So fun. 

Elf on the shelf arrives

So you can probably tell by her face that maddyn was super excited to see that robin came back and with a new elf ( his girlfriend who maddyn named Macy because of the parade!)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Ideas 2015

My favorite time of year is right around the corner and we all know who is coming to visit! ELF ON THE SHELF!! Last year was my first year of discovering this super cute and annoying lil guy. My daughter absolutely loved waking up for school to find him. We started Thanksgiving morning where he arrived in a post marked priority mail box with his story...and then i went krazy with ideas until Christmas. She named him Robin...i have no clue why! This year i bought him a GF from Hobby Lobby (which btw is where u can buy various types of elf on the shelf dolls in the ornament section for under $6!) So now i can come up with even more ideas..In this post i am going to share the cute lil ideas i came up with for last years elf on the shelf and hopefully give ya'll some cute ideas for this year! Please share your ideas with me because i am always searching for something different. ENJOY! 

Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf Arrives during Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Fun in the Sun Elf relaxes by the pool

Shrunkin Donuts Elf...I made a mini box and frosted cheerio cereal to make mini donuts

Toilet Paper Roll Slide ELF

She found Robin in the Fridge this morning

Our Elf is a Steelers fan!

Maddyns 7th Birthday Luau Party

Beach Ball Centepiece
Set up a cute kids Tiki Bar by buying $1 store coconut cups that can take home (or u can reuse at your Adult Luau!) The Sign,Plates etc were all $1 each!!

I reuse the chinese lanterns for different holidays. I buy them from Hobby Lobby in a pack of 3 sizes with my 40% off coupon.

Each Child received a Grass Skirt,Lei and Flower Hair Clip ($1 each Dollar Tree)

Sorry these are sideways! I looked up the Hawaain names to all the guests and made them name badges on poster board with a clip on back.

Used my extra Skirts to make a grass table skirt for my kitchen island where i had snacks for the kids.

Metal Buckets and Tiki Plastic Cups Held the Snacks. "DRIFTWOOD" were Pretzel Rods. I used the sandbucket to put Popcorn with a shovel to get it out!

Kids Loved the Drink Menu. I bought N/A Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri Mix to blend with ice for frozen mocktails.

Search my blog for the easy instructions on how to make the Tiki Bar in the BAck!!! Super Super EASY!

One Happy Hula Girl!

Bought this from a Party Store for $6 and it was a hit. I took all the kids pics with it and then printed out as a take home souvenier for them!

Blow Up Reusable Birthday Cake at Walmart $10


My older hula girl and I enjoying our mocktails!

Volcano Cake-Another Huge Hit. Please Search my Blog on how to make this!

After the party a few kids stayed to go glow in the dark bowling. So i bought plain shirts for $3 at walmart in the craft section with a set of glow in the dark markers for shirt decortaing. They loved this project!

Images by Freepik