Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to make a VOLCANO CAKE

My 7 yr old requested a Volcano Cake for her Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party. I looked on pinterest and everything i found used dry ice to make it look like smoke. After searching all outlets to find dry ice in Florida I was told it was so dangerous to use that they stopped selling it besides to package cool items and it would need to be special ordered. So I axed that idea and used Orange and Red Icing from Pillsbury to make it look like Lava spilling over the sides. I Used a 3 layer cake pan. Make sure to put wax paper liner so you can pop them right from the pan. Let cool and then i iced each one with Choc Frosting. I cut out a small hole at the top and then microwaved the icing to let it liquify before pouring it over the top and letting it slide down! The kids loved it! U can add any extras u want!
I found a cute glittery #7 at hobby lobby for a buck and stuck that on top. 

bottom layer (with smaller layers in back)

Ice each layer seperate and attatch

Melt icing and pour down center to create the lava effect

Add decorations or candles

Wahhhlaaaah!! LAVA CAKE

SHE LOVED IT!!! I added Sparkler Candles that tricked her and kept re-lighting

 CLICK HEREto see her Luau Party Decor

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