Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Redneck Wine Glass Tutorial

These are the most simple things to make yet i don't understand why people spend $15-$20 on one!!
Well I was one of those people until i realized how cheap and easy they were to whip up. Follow along and you will have your very own in no time! These can be customized once finished. Hobby Lobby sells glass vinyl letters and glass paint to make it your own. I used puffy paint and rhinestones!

I will also attach a downloadable Redneck label you can print out on cardstock and then use some twine to attatch to the lid or bottom of the glass. 


Take your mason Jar and turn upside down 

Line Rim on the candle holder with E-6000. Be careful this stuff is strong! It can be bought at Hobby Lobby Walmart Lowes etc. Mason Jars and Candle stick holders Dollar Tree or Walmart.
Attatch to the bottom of the mason jar upside down. Let Dry for 12-24 hrs and then Decorate as u like.

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