Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do teabags expire

I found some old teabags today in my pantry today and wondered DO TEABAGS EXPIRE? I don't see a use by date on them and since they are made from herbs and spices i would think they would have a very long shelf life...

After some investigating..It looks like the flavor will not be as strong, so you may have to steep longer than normal. You can't get food poisoning from tea.. And even though some people had expiration dates on there tea they still used them years beyond the date.. One person had even commented their neighbor gave them old tea bags from 1997 (and its 2016) Holy H! Thats goin a lil too far for me!
I cant imagine that tea tasting good! Some people say to freeze teabags to keep the quality fresh..

Let me know from your experience what ya'll think about using expired teabags or if you have seen an exp date on your tea box?

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