Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Goals April

 I've been inspired to start life goals from reading other interesting blogs that post theirs. I have had my blog for well over 5 years and i never had it monetized correctly so now i am learning how to make money off of it. I am going to share my journey with ya'll so hopefully i can help you do the same!

Life Update for April:
-Blogger is not making me any money! So i am trying to change by transitioning to Wordpress (ill update on this)
-Learned How to sign up for BlueHost and start a Wordpress blog  (simple and easy)
-Attended my daughters bball tournament in Greenville,SC (beautiful)
-Got great advice "Results don't happen right away,but with patience, determination and consistency, amazing things can really happen" (we will see)
-Started my substitute teaching job
-Set up a Twitter account-Finally! Follow me HERE
-Went to Raleigh,NC for another bball Tournament and explored the city (walked the Duke Campus and went on a free tour of the bball stadium!)
-Ran in my first Color Run! Our team name #50shadesofawesome (kinda stupid huh)
-Planned my 35th Birthday in Nashville for July! (Eeeeeek!) Things get booked fast there so i had to plan this early

LifeGoals for May:
-Have followers
-Put together a decent looking blog that will help people
-Make atleast $100 off of my blog
-Learn to make links and affiliate market (figure out what a linky party is?!)
-Clean out the closets and make money off selling unwanted clothing/items
-Go to Nascar Race
-Random act of kindness
-Catch up with old friends
-Put up a fence in the backyard
-Lose weight ( I have gained 10 pounds since our cruise in March and havent lost any of it!!)

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