Monday, April 4, 2016

Make money blogging

How i make money blogging
   I started blogging back in 2008 when i decided to stay home with my newborn. I did it just as a way to scrapbook my life and keep the little everyday memories that were being made in an online"journal". At the time i had heard how some people were actually making a living from husband was a doubter. How could you actually make a good income writing articles and how many people would be interested in what your writing? It did make sense..
  I never really gave up the idea of making money from it. I just never really knew how to monetize what i was posting. How many people would be interested in reading what my baby ate that day or what her funny moment of the day was? I still kept blogging about my life as a mom and used it as a source to vent my issues. It's been 8 years and the most i have ever made with my blog was a little over a $100 last March (2015) its now April 2016 and my Google Adsense earnings are just around $50. I haven't even blogged more than a few times since i got paid last so after looking at my earnings i am making money off people clicking ads on my top posts. Google gives you a really cool analytics page to track where people are landing on your blog and how much you are making per click...(ill get into this more later) .So i start thinking to myself (as im applying for random jobs since the kids are older now) Maybe i can actually make money blogging the right way and make this my income! So i have decided to make a lil trial out of my idea and see how it goes this time around. I will document my progress with my goals and let ya'll know how it is going and if it is going. If it goes well then that means all of you can do it too! I cant see this being easy money,but i think once i start understanding how it works it can take off. Baby steps...

Here are my earnings as of APRIL 2016

My goal is to make $75 by May (not sure if this is possible since i have only 2 followers and not alot of exposure or info on here yet)
Let's see what happens. I will update in May!

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