Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top 10 ways to create traffic for your blog

Top 10 ways to build traffic for your blog
1. Create Valuable Content-the purpose of content is to provide value to others.Is what your writing about worthy of tons of people reading it and getting something out of it? Think about the effect you want it to have on others.Would you be interested in reading it?
2.Create Timeless Content-Write about topics or things that will be just as important or amusing 10 years from now as it is right now! Cut the fluff and find things that will still be interesting for your grandkids to read or their grandkids and so on.
3.Create Original Content-it takes more time but it will be unique and valuable to others. It will be your own! Sites with original content will last longer in the long term than sites with copied material.
4.Let the real you come out-Tell personal stories with what your blogging about. Since i focus on travel and making money i will share stories on my personal experiences and reviews of a place i have been. I will also share how much i'm making blogging so you can see im a real person and how im making it work so you could possibly do the same! My life and my writing are intricately intertwined, such that it’s impossible to separate the two. When someone reads this web site, they’ll eventually come to know a great deal about me as a person.
5.Be truthful and live with the consequences-Some people may not like your style of writing,what your opinion is or what your writing about..they are not entitled to and it really doesn't matter. Be true to yourself. You know how in your old high school yearbook most of your friends probably wrote something like "Never change".. so don't change when your writing either..be yourself!
6.The Golden Rule-Treat your visitors how you would want to be treated if you were their visitor!Real human beings helping real human beings is ultimately what traffic growth is all about. That’s precisely what a link or a referral is
7. The truth about money-Making a positive contribution to the world is a lot more important to me than money. Money can be useful in achieving this objective, but human relationships are far more important.  My plan is to earn money for the purpose of increasing my freedom. I don’t want to get myself stuck in a pattern of working for money..
8. Find an easy platform to build your blog upon-There are many free sites out there some you have to put more work into building than others. I use Blogger (which i hear is not the best so i will be researching this and maybe trying out something else) There is also a new one called Siteblog (ranges from $2.99-3.99 month) they say its free until you start designing it! That price includes a domain,hosting and building though..and it looks pretty..and you can have zero experience and make it look professional in a day! Another FREE builder is Wordpress.
9. Word of Mouth-Tell everyone you know about your blog. Use social media such as Facebook,twitter,google+,instagram,pinterest..post photos on your blog and link to pinterest with interesting titles.
10. Be Genuine (and not the guy who sings pony! lol maybe only some of you will get that for all the others look it up on youtube!hehe)
Do your best to help your visitors out of genuine concern for their well-being, and they’ll help you build your traffic and even generate a nice income from it. It’s as simple as that.

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